The Ballroom Technique Syllabus

The Ballroom Technique Syllabus

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Please note: The content of this edition is identical to the 10th edition published in 1994 under the title 'The Ballroom Technique' book. Apart from the title change to 'The Ballroom Technique Syllabus' the only other changes are the cover and title page have been rebranded.

From the preface:

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing will always be indebted to the late Alex Moore MBE for his outstanding service and dedication to the Society.

Over a period spanning almost sixty years, he served the Society first as a Member of the Ballroom Faculty Committee - and it must be remembered that it was this Committee which formulated the Technique of Ballroom Dancing which was then followed worldwide - then as Chairman of that same Faculty for more than 30 years.

He continued as the Ballroom Faculty Chairman for many years, he served as Chairman of the Administrative Council and finally as President of the Society, which post he held until 1991.

In 1948 when the existing Technique was revised, his keen and analytical brain devised the chart form for our Technique Books which is used until this day. He painstakingly tabulated, proofed and printed the Technique which had been updated by the Ballroom Faculty of the ISTD.

In addition to this, the articles in his Monthly Letter Service explaining why many of the changes had been made were of immense value to the Students training for Professional Examinations, as were his various books of "Questions and Answers" on Ballroom Dancing.

This kind and gentle genius of dancing has gone, but has left behind a heritage of Dance which will last for ever.

Bill Irvine MBE
Vice-President Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

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