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Due to the closure of the building our shop will be unable to process new orders.
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Tap DVD - Grade 5

Tap DVD - Grade 5

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Product summary:

ISTD Tap Dance Faculty, Grade 5 Syllabus DVD

Product description:

Tap Dance Faculty, Grade 5

1. Warm Ups

  • Bouncy Warm Up
  • Close Work Warm Up

2. Technical Exercises

  • Shuffles (3/4 Double side shuffle and preparation for Maxi Ford)
  • 5/4 Wings
  • Double Wings
  • Close Work Crawl
  • Paddles

3. Rhythm

  • Rhythmic Response

4. Compound Steps

  • Ripples (Centre on the spot)
  • Pullbacks (Travelling backwards on diagonal)
  • Shuffle Pick Up Changes (Travelling backwards on diagonal)
  • Maxi Ford

5. Turning Sequence

6. Time Steps

  • Shuffle Timesteps (Taken facing diagonals)
  • Pick Up Timesteps

7. Amalgamations (Teachers' choice of TWO from four amalgamations)

  • Beguine
  • Quick Jazz
  • Tango
  • Swing

8. Shim Sham Bow


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