Dancesport Congress 2017 DVD

Dancesport Congress 2017 DVD

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Dancesport Congress 2017

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Disc I

I. Twists & Turns

II. Little Latin Sparkles

III. Inspired Ballroom

IV. How Sequence can benefit your business

VI. Developing the next generation of Dance Stars

VII. Latin Sparklers in Rumba & Samba


Disc II

I. Latin Sparklers in Cha Cha Cha & Jive

II. A Lady's Style

III. Something old. Something New

IV. Espression and Speed in the Feet, Legs and Ankles


Disc III

I. Inspired Ballroom Combinations in Foxtrot & Quickstep

II. Understanding Classical Sequence Tango

III. How to make your Paso Doble Sparkle

IV. Party Dances


Cecchetti Classical Ballet
Classical Greek
Classical Indian Dance
Imperial Ballet
Latin American
Modern Ballroom
Modern Theatre
National Dance
Tap Dance