Latin American Technique Part 1 - Rumba

Latin American Technique Part 1 - Rumba

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First Edition: July 1974.  Sixth Edition: revised Part 1  Rumba 1998.


From the Foreword:

The book you are about to read was compiled by the Latin American Dance Faculty committee of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, their experience covering every facet of teaching from the beginner and medal-list to competitor and professional examination candidate. This is a book for teachers by teachers, and is a reference book to enable teachers to develop the rhythm and character of the dancers in their pupils at all levels.

A close study of our leading Latin exponents, past and present, was carried out and every modern development considered.

Figures have been added to the syllabus according to popularity, and the existing technique has been clarified, resulting in an easy to read analysis in chart form.

It will be noted from the Latin American syllabus that the figures for the professional candidate have been carefully graded to be consistent with those of the medallist. For example, in the theoretical section the Student-Teacher is required to have knowledge of the figures best suited to beginners, social dancing and the Social Dance Tests. The Associate syllabus embraces the Bronze medal figures, Licentiate the Silver, and Fellow the Gold. However, in the practical demonstration section of the professional examinations candidates may include figures from the next level if they wish, although no technical questions will be asked on these figures. For example, the Student-Teacher may dance figures from the Associate syllabus while the Associate may use figures from the Licentiate, and the Licentiate from the Fellowship syllabus.

Teachers are reminded to read the interesting alternatives for some of the figures listed at a lower level; knowledge of these developments will be required for the higher examinations.

This is the official Latin American Technique book upon which the Imperial Society examinations are based. Please refer to the syllabus for further requirements.


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