DFR Rock 'n' Roll Study Notes

DFR Rock 'n' Roll Study Notes

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For Professional Exams & Amateur Medal Tests

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The aim of this book is to prepare candidates for the Professional Examinations in Rock 'n' Roll and to further assist by giving teaching material and a Medallist Programme. The candidate's own interpretation will at all times be taken into consideration.

The Examiner, in both Amateur and Professional Examinations, will be assessing dancing ability, visual appeal and togetherness with the music. At all times the dancer will be free to incorporate similar types of Basic Systems using Compound Steps and Basic Actions, musically and rhythmically acceptable to the chosen style.

The nine basic Systems have been researched from different areas and types of Rock 'n' Roll, but of course it is recognised that other versions of this dance may exist.

The Teacher/Coach and Dancer must be fully aware of the physical demands made in a dance which can be very energetic. At a 'social' level, Rock 'n' Roll makes great use of the leg muscles. As the dancer progresses it is even more important to have prepared the body with the appropdiate strength and stretch exercises.

A knowledge of how the body works is essential for these examinations.

It is very important to wear suitable shoes. Rock 'n' Roll is traditionally danced in eitehr a rubber, composition or trainer type shoe, preferable flat. Rock 'n' Roll must NEVER be danced in bare feet and high heels are extremely dangerous.

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