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The Classical Sequence Companion Part Two DVD

The Classical Sequence Companion Part Two DVD

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Product code: 331

Product description:

This DVD is a follow up to the popular "Classical Sequence Companion" and provides a step by step analysis of 16 more dances from the ISTD syllabus, together with an explanation of additional technical terms not covered in the earlier DVD.

Each dance is shown in four bar sections with close-ups of the feet to assist in studying and understanding this style. A demonstration of each dance to music is also included.

1.) Countess Waltz                        9.) Washington Two Step

2.) Regis Waltz                            10.) Liberty Two Step

3.) Imperial Waltz                         11.) Military two Step

4.) Waltz Carnay                          12.) Tango Solair

5.) Northern Star Waltz                 13.) Tayside Tango

6.) Windsor Glide                         14.) Tarantella Tango

7.) Latchford Schottische              15.) Saunter Santarna

8.) Waverley Two Step                  16.) Stardust Saunter

Presented by Jill Bush.
Dancers: Robert & Louise Aldred
Music by kind permission of TEMA International Ltd (www.ternadance.com)
Filmed and produced by John Felix (www.johnfelixfilms.co.uk)

© 2015 ISTD.

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