Intermediate Tap DVD

Intermediate Tap DVD

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ISTD Tap Dance Faculty Intermediate Syllabus DVD (2018)

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1.       Warm up
2.       Drills

  • Shuffles
  • Riffs
  • Cramp rolls
  • Crawls
  • Paddles
  • Pull backs
  • Pick-up Drill
  • Ripple and Ripple down
  • Shuffle pick-up changes
  • Shuffle pick-up change and shuffle pick-up on one foot
  • Maxifords
  • Wings
  • Slides
  • Turns on the spot
  • Turns to side or on diagonal
  • Turns in a circle

3.       Technical Sequences

  • Blues
  • Up tempo
  • Elevated
  • Close work (Straight Time)
  • Close work (Swing Time)

4.       Interpretive Section

  • Improvisation Drill
  • Cross Rhythm Exercise
  • Light and shade Exercise

5.       Turning steps Sequence

  • First Turning sequence (close work)
  • Second turning sequence (Elevated)

6.       Time steps

  • Rhythm Time step
  • Travelling time step
  • Preparation wing time step

7.       Dance Sequence

  • Theatre Tap
  • Commercial Tap

8.       Shim Sham bow


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