Lola's Fandango with Storytime CD

Lola's Fandango with Storytime CD

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Lola's Fandango with Storytime CD written by Anna Witte

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Lola lives in a small flat with her Mami, her Papi and her older sister Clementina.  Clementina is taller than Lola.  She has lots of friends and she is good at everything.  Lola wants to be good at somthing too.  So when she finds a beautiful pair of dancing shoes while rummaging around her mother's wardrobe, she has an idea. Could she learn to dance?  And could she persuade her Papi to teach her, without her Mami or her sister finding out?

This charming story of individuality includes cultural notes about flamenco dancing and a simple Spanish glossary.  With an audio CD narrated by The Amador Family and accompanied by original flamenco music.

Written by Anna Witte

Illustrated by Micha Archer

Narrated by The Amador Family

Cecchetti Classical Ballet
Classical Greek
Classical Indian Dance
Imperial Ballet
Latin American
Modern Ballroom
Modern Theatre
National Dance
Tap Dance