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Due to the closure of the building our shop will be unable to process new orders.
If you have already placed an order:  We will dispatch your item as soon as possible after regaining access to the on-site shop. Alternatively we can cancel your order and offer you a full refund. Apologies for the inconvenience and please do let us know which you would prefer. Email us on sales@istd.org

ISTD Digital Sales

Visit ISTD Video, where you can download ISTD teaching syllabi as individual videos for smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Our video downloads offer a way to quickly access syllabus material that you can download and easily view.

Save them on to your device or add them to your iTunes library to watch at your leisure. 

How to purchase and download your ISTD video (a PDF guide). Please note that there is no membership discount on video downloads as they are facilitated via an external website. 

The videos are also available for purchase as part of complete DVDs through the main ISTD Shop.


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Cecchetti Classical Ballet
Classical Greek
Classical Indian Dance
Club Dance
Imperial Ballet
Latin American
Modern Ballroom
Modern Theatre
National Dance
Tap Dance