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Tap Grade 4 - Chapter 1

Tap Grade 4 - Chapter 1

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ISTD Grade 4 Tap - Chapter 1Buy Now on ISTD Video

  • Bouncy Warm Up
  • Close Work Warm Up
  • Techinical Exercises A: Shuffles
  • Riffs & Cramp Rolls

MP4 Video / Length 07:16

Featured dancers: Isobel Webb, Mackenzie Conlon, Saffron Hamilton-Gill, Saona Lovell, Kai Scanlan.
Dance Schools: SJ Academy of Dance and Petersfield Academy of Dance.

Choreographers: Alison Forrester, Tracey Lee, Jason di Mascio.
Voiceovers: Jackie Hayward adn Alison Forrester.

Filmed at The Apex Theatre, Bury St. Edmonds.

Filmed & Produced by James W. Hudson.

ISTD Video editing by Sarah Clarke.

Professional use only. Copyright protected. Not for resale or copying. © ISTD 2016

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