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Modern Theatre Advanced 1 DVD

Modern Theatre Advanced 1 DVD

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Chapters include:

1 Unset Warm Up and Set Warm Up 15 Technical sequence for Inward Pirouettes
2 Tendus & Glisses 16 Technical sequence for Kicks
3 Contractions and Abdominals 17 Technical sequence for Leaps
4 Leg and Hip Exercise 18 Technical sequence for Elevation
5 Back Exercise 19 Performance Sequence of Turns – Gospel
6 Jazz Lines 20 Performance Sequence of Kicks – Tango
7 Jazz Adage 21 Performance Sequence of Elevation – Musical Theatre
8 Falls 22 Set Amalgamation – Blues
9 Floor Sequence for Boys 23 Set Amalgamation – Commercial
10 Lyrical Arm Exercise 24 Step Vocabulary Falls & Walks
11 Walks 25 Step Vocabulary Turns
12 Isolations 26 Step Vocabulary Kicks & Leaps
13 Foot Warm Up 27 Step Vocabulary Elevated & Boys Steps
14 Technical sequence for Outward Pirouettes  

ISTD Modern Theatre Advanced 1 Syllabus

Dancers: Erica Jane Alden, Saffron Armstrong, Alice Ballantyne, Martha Blackwood, Edward Chitticks, Seng Henk Goh, Ryan Goodrum, Lewis Herring, Louis Jackman, Stavrina Kousparou, Sophie Mernson, Shannon Peberdy, Elizabeth Pitt, Terrance Ryan, Nathan Saxon, Briony Scarlett, Kyle Walker, Natalie Wilmhurst. Choreographers: Sue Brice, Barbara Evans, Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, Katie Morea, Nikki O’Hara, Lyn Richardson, Tereza Theodoulou, Sarah Wilson. 

Filmed at: Rochester Dance Junction. Filmed by: Mike Alan Video Productions. Thanks to Bird College, The Centre for Performing Arts, Laine Theatre Arts. Music for Boys’ Floor Sequence – Oli Freke. Professional use only. Copyright protected. Not for resale or copying. © ISTD 2016.

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